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Tax deductible subscription fees

Find out what to keep in mind and where to obtain the required documents

Don't forget: Money spent on public transport subscriptions in the year 2019 is tax-deductible. Simply generate a list of all your expenses in your südtirolmobil online user account.

Please note that, according to new government regulations, only expenses paid with an electronically traceable method of payment, i.e. using an ATM or by credit card, online banking or SEPA Direct Debit, will be tax deductible in the future. Fares that have been paid in cash will no longer eligible in the years to come.

What you need to know for this year's tax return:  Regardless of the payment method, expenses incurred for public transport subscriptions in 2019 will be income-tax deductible (IRPEF) at a rate of 19% on a maximum total amount of 250 EUR. This applies to the following ticket types: Südtirol Pass, Euregio Family Pass, Südtirol Pass abo+ and Südtirol Pass 65+. The total amount of 250 EUR includes not just annual ticket fees but also, where applicable, any fares or annual subscription fees paid for dependent family members.

Overview of expenses for your tax return

Through our website, Südtirol Pass holders and anyone else in possession of a personalised, subscription-based ticket can print out a list of all payments made in 2019 to include in their tax return. To access and print the list, you will need the ticket holder's tax ID (codice fiscale/Steuernummer) and the number of their Südtirol Pass or other annual subscription.

Please note that this list is merely an overview of expenses incurred that is made available for our customers' convenience. In the event of a tax audit, it remains the taxpayers' responsibility to provide any required documentation.

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to generate a list of your annual public transport-related payments.

Commuter bonus and travel expenses refunded by your employer

In order to correctly file your tax-deductible expenses, please note that if you have received any of the following payments, they must be deducted from the total amount paid in annual subscription fees:

  • a commuter bonus, i.e. the annual compensation for delays and cancellations in regional rail transport and/or
  • any travel expenses paid using a Südtirol Pass and reimbursed by your employer.