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Travel safely through the wee small hours

There are plenty of Nightliner buses in many parts of South Tyrol. They typically run throughout the night on Saturdays, and in many places their main routes are linked with private shuttle services to safely take night owls to popular meeting places and back home again.

Fares on main Nightliner routes

  • single ticket for one journey: 3 EUR
  • night pass – one full night, valid on all Nightliner routes: 5 EUR
  • 10-night pass – ten full nights, valid on all Nightliner routes: 30 EUR

Where to buy:

  • on board any Nightliner bus service (single ticket and night pass)
  • on board any regional bus (night pass only)
  • from any ticket machine (night pass and 10-night pass)

Nightliner + Südtirol Pass

If you have a Südtirol Pass or a Euregio Family Pass, you can use it on all Nightliner bus services. The same applies if you have activated the payment function of your Südtirol Pass abo+ or Südtirol Pass 65+.

To pay, simply check in as usual. If you only travel once, your card will be charged with a single journey (3 EUR). If you make more than one journey, the maximum total fare you will pay is that of a night pass (5 EUR).

You can purchase a ten-night pass in your user account by adding it to your Südtirol Pass as an optional package at the price of 30 EUR.

Please note that Nightliner journeys do not count towards your Südtirol Pass mileage.

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